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Aaron brings endless energy and passion into his business of helping people invest for their future in real estate. Beyond that, he is absolutely trustworthy, so investors and joint-venture partners can rest assured that they can deal with Fresh Coast Investments in confidence.

John MacLennan

Realtor, RE/MAX Grande Prairie

Aaron’s track record with our family and our real estate investments has been successful and exactly what he claims. We currently have another very good financial planner managing our stock market investments and he has made for us a solid 8% profit on our portfolio over the last 17 years. Our Fresh Coast Investments have more than doubled our percentage of profit, each and every year. The Fresh Coast team is solid and will help our family really enjoy our retirement years without the stress of investing in Real Estate by ourselves.

Robert G. Bellmore


It has been a pleasure and rewarding experience dealing with Aaron. He is truly a person of integrity whose words and deeds are as good as his cheques. My wife Deborah and I have had the good fortune to entrust two properties to Aaron, both which have given us the best returns we could hope for. I would highly recommend Aaron and Fresh Coast Investments to anyone looking for innovative solutions to Real Estate challenges.

Alan Ritchie


Your house was a great place to stay. The people were excellent. It was great being able to move in and stay while I worked in Grande Prairie. Best room I’ve found in a long time.

John Muise

Parksville B.C. Tenant

What started as a landlord-tenant relationship soon turned into a successful business partnership. Aaron is willing to go the extra mile, is a very easy person to work with, has a great understanding of the local real estate market, and has a passion for positive cash flow properties. He has taught me a great deal about passive income and the pursuit of financial freedom. I have invested with him in the past and will continue to do so with confidence.

Christian (C.D.) Stringer

Grande Prairie Tenant-turned-Investor

Aaron is the best I have dealt with in the industry, and will go far in his field. Thank you, Aaron!

Bruce & Bernadette Christie

Investors, B & B Christie Rentals

I have rented off of Fresh Coast for a few months now on and off. I have rented the fully furnished rooms and a bachelor suite. It is always excellent and everything is perfect. I like the way they address any concern in a fashionable and timely manner. I always recommend my friends and family. I will certainly rent with them again next time I am in Grande Prairie.

Lucky Goredema


I have worked with Fresh Coast Investments for a year now and we have a Joint Venture and a cash loan. We have enjoyed working with Aaron and hope to do more investing in the future. I highly recommend Fresh Coast Investments.

Jason Harper


Aaron is very professional and diligent. His honesty is outstanding. He follows the market and makes insightful decisions. In my three years of working with Aaron, I have only praise and respect for his management skills, understanding and ambition.

Kamelia Djonova


Aaron: Thanks again for all your hard work getting my duplex rented out. I also appreciate you sending me the money for the mortgage and dividend on time.

P.S. Enjoy Maui

Daniel Cram


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Aaron Bellmore

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