A Typical Day at Fresh Coast

A Typical Day at Fresh Coast

I am sitting here working on my business at a coffee shop in Courtenay. This day consisted of the gym at 6 am and then taking my boys to school and having a morning coffee with my youngest (he didn’t have coffee) while my spouse meditated and got herself ready for the day. I dropped off the young lad and the phones begin ringing and I head out to work for the day.  The sun was shining down on the mountains with a light dusting of snow on the trees it looked amazing and a nice break from the rain.

This is a typical day and although I have lots of ongoing work and people to manage its peaceful and I am living the life of my dreams. As we were moving most don’t know but we were closing on a deal that had a lot of people involved and came at an already busy transition in my life.  I am thankful for all the support and help I got from friends, family and those involved.  As I sit here now enjoying some focused time before a scheduled management team meeting gratitude fills my body or maybe its hunger, lol. No, I am blessed and appreciate the help and confidence people have in me especially my family and those working along side me.

A lot of late nights and weekends have gone into education and development both personally and professionally to be able to handle this achievement and I keep myself sharp with ongoing courses, seminars, networking and communication. This month we have been working with a new program and easing it into our system and next month we are taking more training from a mentor to improve our business knowledge even further.

I find business gets mixed between family, personal/spiritual and emotional growth. We can’t focus intensely on all of them at once but they need to be looked at in my life regularly to keep growing.  I’ll wrap this up by saying my family and I are working hard to be a positive force on this planet and wish you well as we wrap up 2016.

– Aaron