Are you ready to enjoy the profits from owning revenue property without the headaches of dealing with tenants and toilets?

Fresh Coast Investments Overview

We provide Real Estate investment opportunities working with average investors looking for passive income and a hassle free experience. We co-purchase both furnished and unfurnished residential properties with our clients and then take care of all the business side of things, including the long-term property and tenant management. Our clients provide the initial down-payment and then we evenly split all profits providing both parties with monthly cash-flow as well as long-term equity. There are no hidden fees or commissions. “If you aren’t making money, neither are we”

Daily, we answer common questions such as:

What is our strategy?

Why use Fresh Coast Investments?

Isn’t Real Estate a risky investment?

Can I trust Fresh Coast Investments over a bank Mutual Fund?

Is it difficult to get started?

The answers to these questions can be found on our online site. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us. Even more important than questions and answers, this site provides stories about people just like you who provide convincing proof of the value of our services.

Our Purpose & Our Promise

Client Testimonials

What our investors are saying about their Fresh Coast experience!

What started as a landlord-tenant relationship soon turned into a successful business partnership. Aaron is willing to go the extra mile, is a very easy person to work with, has a great understanding of the local real estate market, and has a passion for positive cash flow properties. He has taught me a great deal about passive income and the pursuit of financial freedom. I have invested with him in the past and will continue to do so with confidence.

Christian (C.D.) Stringer

Grande Prairie Tenant-turned-Investor

It has been a pleasure and rewarding experience dealing with Aaron. He is truly a person of integrity whose words and deeds are as good as his cheques. My wife Deborah and I have had the good fortune to entrust two properties to Aaron, both which have given us the best returns we could hope for. I would highly recommend Aaron and Fresh Coast Investments to anyone looking for innovative solutions to Real Estate challenges.

Alan Ritchie


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Aaron Bellmore

– Professional Real Estate Investor

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Joint Ventures and Referral Programs

We are currently seeking interested parties for future joint-ventures. Our active referral program is in place for potential partners and potential renters.
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