Our Purpose

To allow average investors to secure their future with safe real-estate investments (while experiencing the least stress possible).


We co-purchase furnished residential properties with our clients. We take care of all the business side of things, including the long-term property and tenant management. The client provides the initial down-payment. We then split all profits 50-50. This provides both parties with monthly cash-flow, as well as long-term equity.


Anyone can purchase and manage their own investment property. Many try. But most lose money in the long-run. Why? There’s a steep learning-curve involved. Thankfully, we’ve worked to perfect the model so that our clients don’t have to. We can comfortably create attractive and reliable profits for both parties, while sparing our investors a great deal of time and frustration. We’ve learned our lessons from our early years. We know what properties hold up best in rental value. We know how to identify, attract, and keep the right tenants. We know what upgrades provide the best return. We have great relationships with maintenance and construction contractors. We even have our book-keeping and accounting down to a science. Our results have proven it: the model works.


Contact us today for a no-cost and no-commitment consultation. We’ll be happy to field questions and walk you through our past and present investments. If you don’t find the meeting to be helpful or informative, we’ll happily give you a $25 gift-card just for your time!


Every day we have these common questions asked. What is our strategy and why use Fresh Coast Investments? Isn’t Real Estate A Risky Investment? Can I trust Fresh Coast Investments over a bank Mutual Fund? Is It difficult to get started? These are all good questions that we have provided online answers, however please feel conformable contacting us to ask a few more. Questions and answers are good, but reading about those just like you and their stories has always been the convincing proof.

Other Frequently Ask Questions

What is a joint venture?

This simply means that two parties are mutually-invested into the same property. In our arrangements, one party provides the money, while the other provides the work. We each take on a measure of risk, then share the rewards.

What if I don't have enough for a down-payment today?
We’d encourage you to give us a call to discuss your best options. We may be able to help you develop a plan to adjust your finances so that you can take advantage of real-estate in the near-term future.
How do I get paid?
Each deal is unique. But we generally divide profits on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. We take the rental income and subtract the expenses, then we send you your share of the net profits.
When do I get my initial investment back?
Your down-payment is locked in for the duration of the mortgage term and/or our deal itself. This is typically a minimum of three to five years, although we can structure the arrangement in a way that works for your finances and obligations.
How long have you been in business?
We began buying rental properties over a decade ago. It began as a family project, as we sought to secure our own financial future. We then began to share our insights with those close to us. That “advising” organically grew into its own business.
Is it difficult to get started?
Not at all. It does take time to find the right property to match your financial goals, but the process itself is relatively uncomplicated. We’ll assist in handling all the logistics.
Can you accept RRSP eligible funds?
We sure can!
Is this safer than traditional investments?
Does your investment banker forgo their salary when your investments lose money? Do they cover any of your losses? We partner equally in all our investments. If you aren’t making money, neither are we. It’s a good incentive.
Will I be able to see the property itself?
Of course! If you’re structuring a new deal, we’ll likely source the property together. If you’re taking over an existing deal, then you’ll still have an opportunity to go and inspect the property before you sign. You can also check in as you’d like.

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