Win a Ticket to the REIN ACRE Vancouver Event November 1-3 2019

Win a Ticket to the REIN ACRE Vancouver Event November 1-3 2019


The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) has been running Canada’s top real estate investing conference for years and in a few weeks, November 1-3, will be hosting the ACRE Summit in Vancouver. I think you’d find this conference incredibly beneficial to attend, and here’s why.

Over the 2.5 day event, you’ll be immersed in the world of real estate investing. Whether you are completely new to the real estate investing world or have been investing for years, the ACRE Summit will be beneficial to you as you’ll learn from the many speakers and presenters:

  • Creative buying and selling strategies for ANY market condition
  • Outside of the box investment solutions; such as putting yours or others stagnant RSP’s to work by investing in real estate (and many more!)
  • Exploring the pros & cons within the Multi-Family Investing world
  • How to decide, within 30 seconds, whether a property has profit potential or not
  • A micro & macro analysis of Vancouver and the surrounding areas’ markets and trends pointing you exactly where to take action NEXT!
  • A chance to listen in & have your questions answered with an Economic Development panel
  • How to identify markets that are overpriced or underpriced & the skills to accurately analyze ANY property – even if you’re a novice investor
  • The Joint Venture Secrets to use in 2019 & beyond that attract and get deals done (that attract investors)
  • Getting your deals financed: raising money and attracting capital (even in times of doubt)
  • The importance of treating your real estate investing as a business: including risk mitigation and formulas to generate more cash flow
  • Easy DIY marketing to attract the right tenants using social media
  • BONUS: Be the first to get your hands on REIN’s brand new research report: The University Effect (before we release it to the media and general public!)

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The winner will be drawn on Friday, October 25th, 2019 and will be contacted directly.

What do all Real Estate Professionals that win have in common?

What do all Real Estate Professionals that win have in common?

1. Timing, 2. Endurance ~ I believe they need at least one or both of these to succeed.

Q1 2017 is over and there is optimism in the air as we roll into spring.  For those of you that hung on and managed to stay the course or adjust accordingly through the last 18-24 months I salute you. As the uncertainty grew and the economy in Alberta went a little sideways we were all tested to see if we would grow or crumble. Long term buy and hold is not a get rich quick scheme but it does provide several certainties that those who hang on will be able to enjoy. So for those who did you shall be rewarded and for those looking to get into the market now is your chance to get in at the bottom of another cycle. I encourage you to keep learning and ask the questions required to make the next step. 1, 2 , 3 properties and your future self will be thanking you as you set the stage for a fruitful retirement.

This month I started out with some real estate education in Vancouver. This then led to a new course with a friend and some new contacts. As I am reaching for more self improvement, I find this brings on more adversity to test the strength of my desire and willingness to change. With a young family at home it makes adding anything extra, extremely difficult. There is nothing more rewarding or more challenging than having children while pursuing your goals. They have proven to be my biggest teachers lately and I have learnt so much about myself in the last 3 mths that could not have occurred without the test of endurance that was provided to me. Life is a journey and mystery that can be drifted through or enjoyed beyond our wildest dreams!

As we roll into the spring season I am looking for ways to raise my standards. I want to help give more to the people who sell to me, lend to me, buy from me and work with me. The timing is perfect right now and my endurance is high so if you need a little kick in the butt drop me line and I’ll do my best:). Just keep going until you get a little further, never give up just keep learning. It’s not supposed to be easy otherwise we wouldn’t grow. So get going, make the most of this spring and take a bigger step than last year!

All the best, Aaron