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Our Beginnings

A Message from the Founder

Fresh Coast Investments (FCI) was founded by myself, Aaron Bellmore in 2007. I started out in the industry as a typical recreational investor, just looking for higher yields on my “spare change” investments. I quickly became wise to the specific advantages of rental properties as an investment class: the appreciation on the properties exceeded inflation, and my rental incomes both created equity and provided a positive monthly cash-flow. By my third property, I was hooked. Upon the birth of my first son, I realized that I needed to scale the business if I wanted to maximize my long-term financial future. So I devoured market research, dramatically expanded my network, and probed mentors and other in-field experts for specific guidance. I soon learned that the three most important success-factors in this industry were systematization, maintenance/property management development, and shrewd property selection for your specific tenant profile. I took those lessons and turned them into a blue-print for regional market dominance.

Our Vision

Alberta has a fluid, unconventional economy. Most independent investors have little interest in traditional, low-yield investments. Real estate is appealing to them. However, those looking to break into the market have three fairly restrictive options: (1) to buy and manage their own properties, (2) to passively invest using property-management operation, or (3) to partner with a local real estate investment specialist. The first option is risk-heavy, and generally ends in budget hell. The only way to succeed is to make sure profits are scale, which casual investors have a difficult time achieving. The second option is not ideal, as the investor will have limited say (if any) and must deal with contacts who don’t have their own “skin in the game”. The third option is the best, though it is limited by the relative scarcity of qualified professionals. Our vision is to help fill this void, and to use our established model to secure a dominant place in the larger Canadian market. We will continue our core mission of providing average investors with better options while creating a large, stable, and consistently profitable portfolio.

Our Management Team

Aaron, Dennis

Aaron Bellmore

Aaron Bellmore

Owner and Investor

Aaron Bellmore is the founder of Fresh Coast Investments. He grew up on Vancouver island were he enjoyed swimming, surfing, fishing, camping and snowboarding. He is the oldest of 4 boys and moved to Alberta 15 years ago were he began his pipefitting and real estate investment career. He is a journeyman pipefitter but has retired from the construction industry by investing in real estate. He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, supports BNI, contributes and volunteers at the St. Lawrence Center. He also helps others pursue their goals by sharing the power of real estate as a path to freedom. He is the proud father of three boys and spends his free time with his family being active, traveling and enjoying the outdoors of northern Alberta.
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Aaron Bellmore

– Professional Real Estate Investor

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