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A Typical Day at Fresh Coast

I am sitting here working on my business at a coffee shop in Courtenay. This day consisted of the gym at 6 am and then taking my boys to school and having a morning coffee with my youngest (he didn’t have coffee) while my spouse meditated and got herself ready for the...

Why consider real estate investment?

As many people find success with their businesses, many others search for good real estate investments for their profits. Of course, we should all start with traditional tax preferred assets like RRSPs and other investment funds. These are the solid ground for good...

My Real Estate investment changed my life

I thought it would be good to share my own personal story of success and how it lead into a successful business model in real estate investment. When I was just a young man of a mere twenty five years old, I started out as an apprentice pipe-fitter.  I began my family...

Creating a lifestyle through Real Estate

As for a lifestyle, so far this life has had more of a way with me than I have with it. There’s been a lot stuff that have happened so far and situations that just seem unbelievable. Up until now I have seen some interesting teen years, good parties in my 20’s, then...

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